Competition and Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets:

How to Tackle the Issue of Self-Preferencing?

This GREDEG Working Paper deals with the application of competition rules in the digital sector and, in particular, the distortions that can result from self-preferencing strategies. In the context of the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act project and the UK’s plans to regulate the major digital ecosystems, the aim is to examine the relative effectiveness of the current effects-based approach stemming from competition law enforcement, the use of per-se rules, the implementation of specific regulation or the imposition of structural remedies to address such risks. It is a question of insisting on the objectives pursued (maximisation of consumer welfare, dynamic efficiency, contestability of market positions and fairness) and on the conditions for the implementation of hybrid approaches combining the logic of sectoral regulation and procedures rooted in the enforcement of competition rules.

Chercheur en économie au CNRS : Droit et économie de la concurrence / CNRS Research Fellow - Competition Law and Economics