Artificial intelligence and manipulation of market behavior: ex ante evaluation in the regulator’s arsenal

DL4T Seminar, Monday 7 December 2020 with Eva Thelisson, Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin and Thierry Warin

The development of the digital economy poses unprecedented problems in terms of their scope, in terms of possible market manipulation and manipulation of consumer choices. Deceptive and unfair strategies in the field of consumer law can coexist, and mutually reinforce each other, with infringements in the field of competition, whether it be algorithmic collusion or abuse of a dominant position. Faced with the difficulty of detecting and sanctioning these practices ex post, the dissuasive effect of sanctioning, in particular for possibly irreversible damage, is questionable. To this end, stakeholders are considering the supervisory tools available to market supervisors, consumers or stakeholders of the companies concerned.

Chercheur en économie au CNRS : Droit et économie de la concurrence / CNRS Research Fellow - Competition Law and Economics